Where ya heart at?

Ask yourself where’s your heart at?

Is it stable and does it need a Conrad

Expressions over these fun times

Ohh baby was it just one time

Ask yourself where’s your heart at

Is it mine and you think we can come back?

So baby would you just come back

Give you the finer things would you like that?

Ask yourself where’s your heart at

Is it with me you’re little Frenchie

I see you rocking that nice fenty

Soo come on baby just please me!

Ask yourself where’s your heart at

We in the tattoo parlour and I got your back

And I hope you never forget all that

Please baby could you just tell me that

Yeah we living in these fun times

I’m out having a fun time

This little beauty yeah she caught my eye

Brown skin she so fire like

5”5 she got the cutest smile

Give her a twirl look we dancing now

We get to talking she’s a cool girl

She kinda like my cinnamon swirl

She shines bright

She better than average

I wanna know if this marriage would happen?

Do you want this or maybe I’m capping

I’m kinda drunk and infatuated

Maybe it’s a good thing that we waited

Actually Nahh we should’ve never waited

But Men are trash because he let you go

I understand why you’re emotional

This ain’t how the story supposed to go

You should be happy

That’s all I wanna know

I never thought I would be that guy

That could almost have my heart divide

Some would say this is a soul tie

Couple others would say I lost my mind

But I just let my soul try

To find a piece that I’m missing inside

It’s just the expression of the fun times

It’s sad to say I was lacking inside

I was on a cliff and you pulled me up

Gave me a feeling that I’ve never felt

So if this was a question of if you treated me well

And if you could ever be my girl

Well I don’t know if I can be with you!

If everyday I wanna speak to you

Tell you about my day

Make you my baby

Yes you pretty lady

Would you come and save me

I guess I just played me x2

Sometimes when two paths don’t align they break off in the strangest way!

I feel like there’s a level of decorum that needs to be maintained in every situation and I didn’t show it

So I guess this isn’t a problem with you

But more myself

And maybe this just a classic line

To tell you that we’re breaking off

Coz truthfully I don’t know if I’m the one that lost

And you got away

Maybe we would’ve been Perfect

And I would’ve been worth it

Worth all the pain and hassle

Worth the changing for

Worth the fighting for

Maybe I would’ve showed you a better life than your ex

Because I understand no man should look at you and walk away

But I’m one of those men that looked and walked away

So maybe this is all void

But I sit and I write this thinking I did try

But I guess I didn’t because this still ended in your cries

My heart cries for what could’ve been

Ask yourself where’s your heart at

Is it with me do you wanna fight back

Take a pen and maybe write back

All your thought go out all attack

Ask yourself where’s your heart at

Do you wanna clench your fist and punch me in the face

It’s completely valid what can I say

That I played a game but I want you soo I stay

You’re still amazing baby would stay

Keys too my heart what would say

I know I’m toxic baby I will change

Another chance what would you say

I just wanna come and save the day

I know you want a piece of me

I know you’re thinking about the fun times

I guess it was just the one time

But still I’m feeling like your mine

It’s better if we stick to our time

Ask yourself where’s your heart at

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