Pictures: Deep in

I was already deep in depression and you administered the final blow

Left me contemplating suicide and if I’m ready to die

Trigger warning

This is the expression of what you done to me

Countless poems in rotation

Distorted thoughts

I felt like I lost myself

But gave myself to you instead

Big Regrets

Regrets about meeting you

Even down to asking what’s your name

This toxicity can’t exist any more

You’re a virus

A lethal parasite

Tasked with bringing me down

I guess you fucking succeeded

Because I’m down for the count and out

I get all my cynicism from you

You bite at my brain with efforts to rewrite it

And I sit here and I let you

Although I’m Internally screaming out

Screaming out for help

And guidance

But instead you make me fight myself

Calling me ugly all the time

Telling me that people don’t like me

Making it out to be all my fault

I nearly wrote thought for a second

But even in thought you dictate my world

And I’m not quite sure wether to blame nature or nurture on this one

But clearly this is mitigating circumstances

And you operate in this chaos

Not giving me a moment to breathe

You’ve got your foot on my neck

I’m suffocating

And unlike hydra another one won’t grow back if this one snaps

And Like a thanos snap all the memories of you go away

I fight to keep you away

I go in search of strength to defeat this enemy

I guess you’re the common enemy

Soo don’t get it twisted you got to go

This isn’t a case of locking up and throwing away the key

For I know you’ll still haunt me

So I stand here ready to assonate you

For you have to die

I was already in deep depression and you administered the final blow left me contemplating suicide and if I’m ready to die

And I can tell you the answers yes

Yes I’m ready because I don’t wanna feel this pain anymore

Humiliation anymore

I don’t wanna have to keep questioning who’s loyal or not

Pouring my all into people hoping they would do the same for me

I’m tired of this

I thought I was a good soul

You see look what you’ve reduced me too

So fuck you for taking over my mind

You see if I give you my list of fuck yous

You’d come first each and every time

The only saving grace I give you is your power to make things happen

Even when I Didn’t ask them too

But I’m sure it crossed my mind soo I meant it

I wrote a death note once

And it nearly happened

I wrote your pain on a page

I guess it really happened

I Can’t believe we got to this because I once wrote about your happiness

Your precious smile and the good times we had hoping to create more

But I guess you’ve just gone and fucked that up

So fuck you for piercing my heart cold

I hope you never have a good day

This memory of you needs to fly away

Soo yet again I release your toxins from my body

And push it all to the spirit realm

This is no longer my battle to fight

You see I can only bid you a due

Because there’s no more me and you

I’m done with your bull shit

You’re on your own

No longer are you worth anything

Not even the dirt on my shoes

Or the spit on the floor

And now I’ve distanced myself for the better

You deserved to be banished

Coz I don’t need you no more

Radio silence

I’m waiting for

Complete and utter silence

To give you these final words

Fuck you

I was already deep in depression and you administered the final blow left me contemplating suicide and if I’m ready to die

Soo fuck you!

And fuck all the pain you caused me

Peace and love


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