The Story About The Story

Sat opposite one another gazing into your starlight eyes.

Chemistry unmatched.

Every touch electric.


I’m here for this moment.

Another glass why not?

Let’s continue speaking half truths and what not’s

Because what’s not on the table

What cards are you keeping close to your chest

Am I really the best?

Or just another failed talking stage

Doomed by the perception of this here love

Battling in potential

When potentially all of this wouldn’t even go to plan

Or am I mad?

Mad in my pursuit of you

When clearly this story isn’t about you!

But the things that we do remind me of a story I once knew

So what’s new?

Developing an attachment to you

Your vibe is sensational

Our love insatiable

These years credible

Your feelings valid

You deserve love!

Whether it’s from me or someone else more equipped to give you a feeling soo unobtainable all you can do is break down and cry with your hands pushed together thanking God because he provided you with the perfect fit.

Ayyy we lit

From the moment I met you I knew everything that followed would be genuine

You wanted to know me for me

The good the bad the ugly

Every nook and crevice

No story untold

Glass of whiskey

Listening Risky we’re on a role

But I don’t know…

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