My Valentine

You make me blush…

From the depths of my heart

I fell in like

Sorry I meant love

You see you make me lose my train of thought


The years spent together

Have never been in vein

You make me smile on my worst days

And even though we’ve hurt each other in the worst ways

We still find a way back to one another

So I guess this is just fate

From uncomfortable conversations

To draw dropping poetry

You’ve been the main muse my whole life

I’ve struggled to shake you out of my mind

So when we sit and enjoy this wine

Can we take a minute to just enjoy you!

Appreciate you!

And everything you do!

You see even if I couldn’t have you

I’d fight

Stage a coup

Chase you to the ends of the earth like I’m Bill and you’re Regina

I couldn’t ever watch you get married to another man

I mean I feel sorry for that bruh

His love could never match mine

Not even a Thanos snap could erase my love for you

Through thick and thin it’s only you I’d chose

My sweet Valentine

My everything

My all

Mi amor

Dulzura de mi vida

Translation sweetness of my life!

And even in the smallest time you made my world shine so bright


I almost lost my words for a second

In the face of your beauty

You see if I start talking about how stunning you look

We’ll be here till next year

And still then my love wouldn’t



Or wither away

Instead feel me up with endorphins

Until I’m ready to blow

And we end up right back at this hotel

With this card in my hand I’m giving to you

Rose petals all over the bed

Candles lit

In the shape of a love heart

To symbolise that you have my heart

My sweet Valentine

My everything

My all

Mi amor

Dulzura de mi vida

The sweetness of my life

My one and only

My sweet Valentine….

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