Candid Expressions

Stepping out of this shell pre set before I arrived, routed in misogynistic flaws. Wishing that all hands were on board and I was treated with delicate care. All in one accord.

Broken in the space of seconds for multiple reasons.

I guess that’s the path I chose for myself.

A series of choices to make, I’m just hoping to make the right one. Praying this choice pays off. Beseeching really, fighting every thing predisposed in hatred turning it in around, progressing, wrapping it up in gold.

Packaging this feeling,

This journey,

This experience,

This guilt,

This insane reason to prove everyone wrong in my own way, ignorant to what you have to say. Prejudice ozzing out of my soul, putting the people who care into a bracket fit for commoners. I know it’s harsh to say but the scars on my back tell a different story, paint a horrific picture which I hold on to and guard dear with my life.

Sounding like a broken record so I package this all up and sell it,

Let it go,

Put my plans into this world and let it bless another soul

I hope it blesses this soul,

I mean blessing your soul,

You reading this I hope you find the courage to let everything go! Whatever you’re holding in I pray the strength of a thousand angels break and change what you’re going through in order to allow you to grow into your purpose,

You’re desires,

You’re goals,

You’re destiny,

You’re happy space,

You’re amazing,

Yours truly

⁃ Signed YOU

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