Queen of Clubs

From a Heart to a Diamond

Spade to a Club

We’ve come around full circle

Yet still your beauty remains pure and wholesome as if it was the first time I glanced at your face

My awesome queen

Most respectfully no one can take the place you hold in my heart

A true friendship which can never depart

I’m sat here wishing on a whole new start

But maybe this time we will last

Sometimes good things never last

So I wrap you up and preserve you

For this moment

On The 25th of the 12th month

My true love came to me

Graced by your soft caramel touch

It’s chess now and you’ve taken all of my pieces

Left me in a world of my own

writing all these musical sonnets

Hoping to find peace

When in reality I’m just an unfinished jigsaw

And you’re the piece that completes me




Catch of a lifetime


And that’s just to name a few



Emotionally intelligent

Cocoa butter beauty

Engaged in the art of blinding my eyes

With your angel like presence

You’re a phenomenal

Eloquent speaker

Achievements running all down your back

Creating a safe environment for my love

Egregious in this fact

I place my all into your love

A love so pure and special

You’ve made a heart so rotten and messed up beat again

Like the JLS song

Or even better

Like the sound of an African drum

Whilst we sit in this theatre watching the lion king

I could go on for the rest of my days

Perfect I’m stuck in your gaze

Acting a fool hoping to be tamed

My damsel in distress? Or maybe I’m the frog that deserve the kiss

Kingship is a more fitting title for your hand in all things princess cut

See you’re cut from a different cloth

So I take my time with you

Time to understand you

Your desires

Your wants

Your needs

Your love and all the things in between

In and around

I’ll let you go with this

A love so true and profound

My Venice boat

Glass of wine

Kiss and smile

Affection oozing out

Beautiful queen

Being loved out loud


⁃ The Boy From Silk B.

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