Queen of Spades

How lucky am I to know you

Wishing we knew each other under different circumstances

I like the pretences we had before

But an evolving friendship

I couldn’t close the door

Chocolate by skin

Chocolate by taste

Great head on your shoulders

I want you to achieve the world

Success is in your name

I feel it so hard

I’m just giving it a few years

And watch the money come rolling in

Effortless beauty you maintain

You’ve showed me what it feels like to be loved

What it feels like to be a better person

4 years have past by so quickly

And I don’t know how we got to this

A different ending to what I had planned

But the future holds much more

More lunch dates

Cinema trips

Holidays maybe

As friends I know

Maybe there will be a glimmer of something more

Soul mates we could be

I hope you’re here for the ride

Queen of Hearts

Queen of Diamonds

Queen of Clubs

Now Queen of Spades

The Queen with spectacular grades

A Queen with all the trades

I’m just glad I got to know you on a deeper level

Connectivity stronger than good WiFi

Your softest touch

Tempers with my glaze

Stuck in this blissful gaze

Locked in to your brown eyes

I know now I want much more

A better life for us

That house with the 3 bedrooms and our 4 kids running around

That living room flow love

That educate myself to be on your level type of love

Because God knows you deserve it

You’ve been through a lot I can tell

More like I’ve gauged over time

From the conversations we’ve had

Was this meant to be a monologue

I don’t know?

Slightly late I know

But I hope being this late is a better timing

You’re probably crying by the time you get to this part

A special place you have in my heart

I’ve told you before but here I am telling you again

Because you need to hear this

I’m sorry read this

I couldn’t say this during our FaceTime call

You see i needed time to collect my thoughts

And give you something so meaningful

Something you could cherish forever

Hopefully give you something you could never forget

My only regret is not doing more to make you happy

To show you, you are worth it all

The triple sevens to my jackpot party

If I was a gambling man

I’d bet you’ll be over the moon by now

Before I end this story

I need you to know

You’re a shining star

I’m praying you never change

Praying joy follows you all the days of your life

Praying you find the perfect match

Praying you manage to live life to the fullest

Praying you get to just be YOU!

This amazing ball of excitement personified

Purifying a friendship so real

I believe it’s just a matter of time before you heal and conquer the world

So to this beautiful Queen of Spades

I end our story

I release you to start a new journey

One where you obtain

Everything you ever want from life

One where you have optimum happiness

In an loving environment

I wish you all the best

From your friendly neighbourhood poet


P.s your waist is cutie!