Keys in The Front Door

Keys in the front door

I reach and grab for my spray

A quick freshen up before I put my keys in the second door: the pathway to my solitary confinement

For many reasons I might get in to

Walking in my room to do a few press ups

I’m hoping to improve

Haven’t spilt my heart out in awhile

I think I might do

I crumbled under pressure

And now I under appreciate you

A better life I wanted

I’m talking to myself

No more finger fiddling with pretty women in these bars

I was hurt so I aimed to hurt

Biggest regret you know

Biggest neglect you know

So from time to time I dabble by

Dip my feat into some uncharted waters

Hoping to bring you along

Hoping your heart could be strong

I guess I was stringing you along

Hoping for something to hold on to

Thinking could I do better

I mean will I ever do better

What’s holding me back?

I know I want to achieve

And be free to do what I want

But I still can’t see a life without you

And I’ve let you go for the longest

Floating in limbo

A smooth symphony to ride back to

If all else fails

Because who knows what the future entails

So who can really tell?

I mean how can you really tell if it is me that’s left you alone for a little while

But I’m back now

My feelings I’ve let go

I felt I was losing myself

Steering myself back to reality from this cloud I was on

I feel it I am my own muse now

And you are the peace that completes me

I mean piece that completes me

So take these pieces of the puzzle

And complete me a wonder

I miss the days you were so cheerful

Putting a smile on people’s face

Can we remake this?

Big decision I’m making

You know my heart is racing

Big money I’m waging

I’m investing into myself

No more uncanny opinions

Just strictly pure passion


A real sense of focus

Watered plants

Letting deceit go

Living and dreaming

In big hopes

Of getting back to where I once was

I’m beginning to feel it again

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