Friend Turned Foe

Jumping ship to asking my self was it worth it?

Is it worth letting you back in? I’m asking myself is it worth going through all that again. You see the pain turned me a different way so things ain’t the same. You’re playing mind games that I ain’t got time to play, it’s funny because I know my worth right now. It won’t be easy for you to wriggle your way back in to my heart. I once had a soft spot for you, now I no longer do, so if you drop dead and burn do you think I’ll feel a thing?

I like to think my heart is soo strong, well I know where my minds at and it’s no longer with you, so please don’t think things are the same. I can’t look at you the same no more, the pain I’ve faced is way to much to let back in. Can’t risk my humanity for a silly Lil girl like you. Overtly expressing my pain take this as a pill to pop to ease the pain of what I’m about to say

Thinking if I should go deep at all, I’ve been drinking the henny so I don’t even know what I’m going to say. DBE in my ear so I could say some madness, some real badness and that’s word to my raps. In due time I’m ready to express what’s on my mind. Be prepared because this pain you can’t Amend and definitely word to my brother Denz.

It’s clear to me now this was never real, this was just for you to pop some corn with my best friend, I’m sorry let me be blunt, fuck my best mate, now in my heart there’s straight hate. But I guess it came at the right time because it’s time to focus on myself and making sure that I grow.

L O V E in my ear and this could have been you but you fumbled the bag and now you’re left all on your own, to fix your broken heart that I was gonna break anyway so it’s better this way, than the way it would have gone down. Save me the stress and depression because I guess you really mattered. I don’t even care if this overtly seems like it for you. I’m way passed that now, I’m more on what’s better for me and for my beautiful queen. It’s a shame it wasn’t you because you could have had all of this yet you still managed to fumble the bag. A 6 figure nigga one day hold me to that and what would you be left with? You’ve been in the blocks too much

You’ve been having some fun to

Summer walker flow

Because the witch in you is showing.

But I had to get back too much

I know I lost too much

I’ve just seen you and it’s about 5 to 3

I’m faded can’t remember the dress you were wearing. One question ruining through my head, was it worth it? Now you’re in a bit of a pickle. Losing the upper hand the balls no longer in you’re court. I guess you sold yourself short, stuck in a sea of regrets. I guess I could be wrong don’t mind me, I’m just creating some art tonight. I’m sorry it’s at your expense, you see me I’m laughing now.

Picked and dashed maybe it hurt me to, it’s just a vicious cycle no one to call you honey boo boo. Fix you a meal too, express how much they love you. I feel like it’ll you were focused on the trees too much, I guess my likes too much thinking I could heal a damaged heart, a savage mind, clouded judgement got me feeling blind.

Feeling immense pleasure in the heart you’re probably going through, dry your eyes mate find someone else’s plate to ear off. I think here’s where I’ll end it before my heart gets bitter again, but I’ll leave you with this last thought; I find it funny how you did exactly what you didn’t want to happen but I guess I can’t complain because I did the same thing to another so now more than ever what goes around comes around I fully see it now. But you’re comeuppance is what I’m waiting to see, P.S the P.S I hope your heart burns.


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