The last horrah

So this is the last horrah

The last time I plan to do this shit

It’s time to leave the game

Leave everything behind and ascend to my higher self

It’s actually been nice but I’m going back to where I belong

My happy place

Straight to where my heart resides

So maybe this is a short update and the progress will be shown later

Or maybe just maybe this will be a longer poem

Detailing everything that has led me to this point

I don’t know yet

I’m strapped for time on a date looking to stay out let

So forgive me if this sounds rushed

Its just my thoughts in a minute

I could be done in a minute

Or two but you might not like that

And I can’t even fight back

It just happens

Looking out the window in disgust

Thinking what have you just done

Now you’re looking in the mirror

Thinking about what could be

And I’m thinking about what it’s not

Whilst the burger is on my plate

Clearly I like burgers

Mixed with big bundas

And maybe your not it

And I still love you anyways

Or maybe you are it

And I don’t love you same ways

Old School like safe ways

You’ve been there

My safe space

How can I ask for much more

Do I really want something more

What am I search for?

My minute is up

So let me wrap it up

I’m about to wrap this up

Sorry if it hurts you but I’m going back to my first love

So cheers to a better life

Mai tais and late night drives

As she calls out french alright


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