The Villain In Your Story

I thought it would get better

It does not get better

You will not do better

You were looking for that living room flow love

I was looking for some fun on the side

Sorry it ended in your cries

Now we’re just some strangers

But I’m right where I’m post to be

I see now I’m the Matt in your story

The villain in your story

I’m not perfect this nights gory

I’m looking at blood on my hands

Uncomfortable conversations almost tainting my plans

The tale of three reduced to one

Am I ready to tell that story

I’ve done some things I’m not proud of

Said some things I shouldn’t have

Lied where I didn’t need to

I guess I’m just the bad guy

I hurt the one I’m in love with

I hate that I’ve had to say this

I’m the villain in your story

I really do hate to say it

I know I was the dickhead

I was the bad guy

I know you really want answers

If only compulsion worked this would be a lot easier

Accountability I know I should have said things sooner

Now you wanna ask why and feel like you can’t

But my answer won’t change

I’m still the one to blame

I’m just the villain in your story

I accept that now

Tears may fall on both ends

I accept that now

Hate might brew

I accept that now

A heart might be broken I accept that now

But I hope you find love

I really do

I hope you find someone to mend the broken pieces

I really do

I hope you have someone to call you boo

I really do

Maybe someone to send you flowers like I don’t

Someone to spend money on you more than I did

Someone to give you children like I won’t

Someone you can pass the year and 5 month mark with

You see I wasn’t counting

It really wasn’t worth my time

I make time for who I care for

Unfortunately you wasn’t one of them

I heard you want a fee for this pain

How about these words to tame the blame

Loosing you was a L right

I think I could say the same

Line after line you were never one of them

I just wanted a one off then

Take my ass and run off then

Things became different when

I figured out I was the Damon in your story

Fighting for my Elena love

I guess that makes you Caroline

Coz you were never mine

I’m just going back too

Argh never mind

It really isn’t worth my time

Correction wasn’t I suppose, because we’re in the past now

You’re the past now

Just a means to say I did some things

Just a means to say I wrote some lines

Couldn’t care less if you snorted lines

This might be some distorted lines

But I’m looking for the finer things in life

Looking for the love of my life

And it just so happened to not be you

So this is the end of you and I

The bitter end

Not more lies and false hopes

Just you on your own

I know it’s better that way

You don’t need this taken heart

Hopefully some comes to mend your broken heart

I’m sorry for being the villain in your story

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