Always and Forever

I want that unbreakable bond the one that turns into eternity. With her heart so pure, I feel my minds intent. This love is too insane bypassing all the pain that once was, hoping to kickstart my new life. A better life I’m hoping for, I now know how it feels to be on the other side doing the staking. Hoping I expressed it right? Hope in my heart I still cling on to those memories right? Telling all these stories right? But what does that all mean if you’re not here to read them right? There’s differences in me just like there’s differences in you, we just have to fight it right? Always and Forever the centuries can’t break this bond. It’s you I’m here for! It’s you I long for, yearn for. Your touch and you’re grace, you make me feel amazed, now I’m here in my happy place . So is this a love poem or is this a farewell letter? I don’t know. But what I do know is the thorns of hatred don’t grown anymore because love conquers all. I’ll be there if you fall or when you want to try something new. I’ve got your back through thick and thin, will ride it out until we win. It’s just you and I baby! It’s just you and I!


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