The Lost Friend part 2

Sitting in dingy estates

Clocking on to some real spit

I pick up on everything

Some funny lines

I’m just a joker right

Keeping up this poker face

I don’t know how to feel

Emotions running high to match my Klaus heart

But secretly I just have an Elijah sense of mind

Too pure for this world

Juxtapositioned with a Stephan outlook on life

A teen wolf no more

Just a blood sucking monster

With no intentions of changing

Take me for who I am

You see I’ve been done dirty too many times by people I consider as close friends

So forgive me for the way I paint you in these pictures

I don’t really care at all

Or should I say care anymore

Because I know I’m destined for greatness

So this pallet only gets bigger

And the stories get deeper

Forgive me for being free

“Keep this gift, I painted it for you”

My current expression

“I was born with blood on my hands”

You see each of us have our own family scars

Now I’m looking savage in a moment of rage

Hoping time heals all these wounds

Once friends

Now foes

It’s crazy how things change over time

Exiled like I’m Kol

Daggered a thousand times

The marks on my back continue to show

Civil discourse no more

It’s time to take things to the extreme

I guess I’m destined to be alone too

Bonds breaking

Hearts aching

Painstakingly staked time and time again

From my life on the line

To feelings caught in the cross fire

Some unimaginable thoughts running through my head

Playing dumb like we all ain’t been there before

I’m wishing for death

Excruciating pain I can’t even think to admit

Fractured my soul I can’t even admit

Do I care to admit?

Painstakingly thrilling again

Words of endearment is all that I have left

Sending that last line

Hoping bygones be bygones

I guess there’s a war coming

A war with words

Something my mind can’t comprehend

Because it was never meant to be this way

Years thrown down the drain

Who would have thought new additions

would’ve tainted this picture

I can see the picture changing

Slowly before my eyes

I want to die

But in this I find strength

The lost one

The lost friend

The final outcome

Will I ever be happy again?


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