From bad to worse

My day just went from bad to worse

Money down the drain and it’s not the first time too

I just wanted to relax

In this park again where I’m come to let out my thoughts

Tarnished by some bad memories

I don’t know what to do

I’m letting you in

Hoping you see my point of view

Feel my pain

Step into my world for a second and put on my shoes

What was meant to be an ordinary day turned upside down real quick

Now my head hurts

From searches to seizures

I’m sorry I’ve ceased my right to these products

Thought I left this life behind

Clearly not

From old cycles to cells

I don’t wanna go back

I’m ready to make a change

It’s only me to blame

So I’m going back to my Safeway’s

No longer stuck on this bagel strip

But I’m stressed I get the Dallas then

Even that’s too difficult now

Cuffs on cuffs

I can’t live this life anymore

I’m thinking to end it all

To give up my pen and all

So cheers to the worst day of this year


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