The Lost Friend

The Lost Friend

Let me start this by saying I just wanna know if you’re okay. But things are distant now, there’s been a change. A change in energy, emotion and the love than once ran deep. Long gone are the days you used to tell me about your day in full detail. Them phone calls that lasted hours and seeing you was my favourite part of the day. You see you made me smile, once my refuge now a figment of my broken heart.

The Lost Friend, the one that only incites bitterness out of your soul, for all the dirt they’ve done. Can they change at all? I felt some emotion, gave it time now I express this. Looked at you like someone different, all the while your just like the rest. I thought we had each other’s back but I must have been high off crack to actually believe things would have ended up differently. Now we’re no longer friends and I see you for the trash you really are.

Space is what you need, so space is what you’re gonna get. Shocked at the news but not surprised now my view of you is tainted, it’s just an on going story. Altering some pictures now because you clearly wasn’t worth the paint. Good riddance i guess, thinking should I be bitter at all. Collateral for the unborn, I’m not perfect at all. But you! I put too much into you, into our friendship. Only to be told in a dream how things will turn out. No longer pandering to the needs of yourself, I let out this anger and frustration because I dreamt it happened so I’m writing what happened. You’ve now become a piece of my fiction.

So where do we go from here? Could we ever rekindle what once was? Will there be an always and forever? I hope there’s no Toby to choose you, I know you’ve felt some Spencer pain. I’ve felt it too, I was willing to share that with you. Maybe I did and you didn’t catch it, whilst we were inhaling in close confinement. Some deep secrets that I guess I’ll take to the grave, I thought it was me and you till the end but I know I’m just in this alone. Woe to the Lost Friend, the one that always pretends. Mind filed with lies, mouth spewing some crazy stuff. I guess this is where I’ll hang up this brush before the paint never fades away. And the pain continues to ooze deep rooting into your soul. So cheers to the Lost Friend, the ones we don’t need anymore!

Watch out for part 2



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