Baby Steps

On this infamous bench I always talk about, and what do I see? Mother and son on their daily routine, get to the park at 8:35. Swing on the swings, leave by 8:50. The schools only down the road, bout a 3 minutes walk I’d say. But still I’m here perfecting my craft, hoping to do better and be better! To be the best I can be, because I’m in my own lane I’m ready now.

I’m ready to build a legacy

A life!

No more dark times, but an abundance of happiness. Enough to soothe the soul, and magnify your heart. The one that fights negativity and says no to unnecessary stress. Happiness that radiates on to others, the light that shines bright. The happiness you feel when your seeing family members after a long time, that plus a thousand more!

Living because we know we want more

So with our oppressors we go to war

Bad blood has been drawn, so we’re claiming what’s ours. Our destinies, our fates and our lives, to live for a real meaning, a real cause. The life we really want, it’s time to fight for what we deserve, so we branch off into our own niches and markets. Finding what’s unique to us? We want US! to last. Greatness stretched over your head, clinch it and believe in it. Grab it by the neck and make sure you Don’t give up on your dreams! You’re far too talented to let go of what you have passion for. There’s always away, so I leave you with this to think about. Someday you’ll have children of your own, so how will you chose to raise them? With love and care? Or with fear and an overpowering presence? I’ll leave that with you!


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