Left or Right

Life in the balance, I’ve got two choices! To hold this, I lived it.

Right or wrong, the decision lies with me! Two paths, right or left? Each reminiscent

To many senseless mistakes, carelessly whispering on a Wham estate!

Screaming I can’t drive an estate, wishing I could go back!

Back to a time so carefree, and I didn’t have to wish if my brother can hear me!

So here’s to the heaps of time

Crashing burning I’m having a Kings nightmare

Heavens infiltrating my mind state

Stuck it ain’t going well on this blind date

Been here too many time before

Life’s on the line

I could be a millionaire

So are you on call

on the life line

Literally it could be my time

Drunken mess

Craving for Your affection

Stuck dealing with my afflictions

Running away I don’t wannna be affiliated

But that’s causing more pain to my life

Train journeys brewing

Poker face poor, I must fold

Holding on this path I chose

So am I init for myself

Or is this my heart bleeding dry

Dealing with my addictions

Running away from life Am i crazy missing?

Sorry I’m crazy missing, high off life wishing for some opportunities to showcase what I have in store

More train journeys

Crazy wishing

Back again with these crazy missions

Again life on the line, what more can I do

Walking open arms

Wishing for a stable life

Instead walking with a stapled heart

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