Crossroads part 2

Crossroads part 2

So many situations led me to this point that I’m at now. Pictures happened, love interest happened. Crossroads happened, now ideas of the chronicles are on the horizon. And I just want someone by my side as this all unfolds, as my heart unfolds and the stories get told.

At a different intersection now but I don’t know which path to choose. The one with babies crying and mothers dying or the one with parents fighting and no one knowing where they stand. You see I can’t stand the not understanding, so this crossroad could turn into some misunderstandings. I’m just looking for someone to be my kings landing.

Crossroads tempting my fate a bit, but a decision has to be made sooner or later. Otherwise there will be more broken hearts, all this in order to fix my broken heart. Lines can’t be blurred no more regardless of how the coffee tastes in the morning and the Hennessy taste in the night. The two looking so sublime, one more appetising than the other. But I’m still stuck in which to choose. The coffee dates that are oh so frequent or the Hennessy shots which are a rarity. I’ve just had half a glass yet I’m still pining for more.

Crossroads riding in like I’m a ghost rider in the night. But I’m just a Dark Knight Stuck at a choice between This Argent bullet or this Yakimura sword, there’s pros and cons to both. One being the first love interest, the first encounter, the start of the journey. The second being the next stage, the last encounter maybe the one to release me from bondage and free the shackles from my feet and let me be free. Soo you see its crossroads for real because how do you choose? How do you make a decision as big as this.

Crossroads the universe pointing me in one direction, showing me all the signs but do I want to listen or not? Am I done with this life? Or have I really started at all? I’m in the no chil zone, that no flex zone, I’m tired of feeling alone. Visions of her banging another dude in the toilet cubicle. Got me all messed up, whilst the past got me invested in my future. So maybe the universe is telling me to let go of this dead weight, and try another plate? Maybe it’s already on the plate


Signed – French

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