23 – Please don’t Die

Blood dripping I hope this was a different kind of story

But as usual Shonda rhymes in the background

As I sip my Argentinean Malbec

23 what a time to be alive

But the thoughts contained in my head

And the things I’ve done

I don’t even know

If 23 is even enough

Have I lost enough?

23 how I didn’t want you to come

Between you and 22

A lot has happened

Setting the scenes for this movie

Lights camera action

I’ve said this before

Yet this time so different




Vanillas or pinas?

Who will ever know

23 no Jordan’s on

Yet this movies got me like mike

Standing on this Money block

Glock on his waste running through my mind

Am I really safe?

23 do I love this?

22 do I hate you?

18 do I miss you?

My broken Android heart

16 my broken head

So I don’t know if this is a birthday special

Or me just clearing my head

I’m stressed

I’m next

More wine to the head

Shots no chaser instead

With great power

Comes great mental illness

So I’m sitting drinking

Wishing I was the whizzer

With a Hogarth sort of pain


Cancer it’s all the same

Taking innocent people

Leaving us to feel the pain

Leaving us to fill this void

Crying subliminal messages

But I should be happy right?

23 what is to come?

I guess I’m banging my own drum

Self confidence



Pulling all the strings

Like Keith ledger in a Batman movie

Decent comedic line

But I’m black I could die

So of course it’s Panther time

Shakur in my ear I’m just a solider

23 I told you

Don’t let that go over your head

23 please don’t die

23 please no cries

23 happy times

23 family time

23rd day streak on snap

I guess that’s just a start

Imagining thinking wishing

Executing seeing believing

My destiny remains the same

So I’m fighting for my claim

My claim to the throne

23 I won’t die


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