The girl at the bar

Pretty eyes

Rouge bikini

We’ve locked eyes

Hers are brown

So is mine

She’s dark skin

So am I

And I love this

Waiting for our dark skin children

These dark skin beauties

I mean I’m infatuated at her sight

Could this be love at first sight

Lust a first glance maybe

But her smooth chocolate skin

Has me in amazement

Her cover up

Not covering much

An extremely beautiful view in front of me

Left me wanting to take her home

I mean to my 4 star hotel

So we can lay by the swimming pool

In the scorching hot

With scotch in our hands

Ready to do some freaky stuff back in my room

I’m already gone off the sativa

She’s moved on to some henny

Flipping heck don’t let me forget them tequila shots too

Now I’m stuck wondering if she’ll be my boo or not

Who would’ve thought the girl at the bar

Would have me feeling like this

Like I’m ready to put my life at risk for her own

Like I’m ready to risk it all and move to another city

Like I’m ready to have kids like I’m not ready at all

Don’t miss understand that I’m definitely not ready

But for a chance at love with this dark skin beauty I’ll risk it all

Hoping she is who she says she is and responds to my messages

So we can start this golden family


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