The pressures of trying to do the right thing, is holding me back.

Holding me back from me, back from being free. No longer can you hold my hand. Not in a malicious way, it’s just time for me to grow up.

Man up and be a man of my word, I put blood sweat and tears for this and so did you to. But now I gotta do this on my own. No more tears, stand up be a man of my own. Hoping I’ll be alright. In a sea of regret.

Moving on from this unobtainable dream, it’s so hard to see, hard to say but I gotta do it. No more pretty birds, grasping on to my self. As I’m writing this please Don’t Die! Never seen soo much rage it’s hard to say. This time of all it’s so hard to see. So I bit my lips coz that’s true pain I’m scarred for life. Misery pain regrets sliced swords on this chilled day stuck in raw emotion. It’s finally time.

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