The Train Station Crush

It was something like 4am in the morning, and I’ve got on the train to the airport. Just about got here with 5 minutes to spare, I was really stressing you know. I can’t afford to miss this train or my flight. I’ve set off music in my ears ready to close my eyes. Until this beautiful dark skin girl got on my train, fresh nail set, neon green about 5 to 5 and her height roughly 5”7. Sunglasses on her smooth chocolate face now my face in amazement, i think she’s copying my style. I glanced her way hoping for us to lock eyes. And maybe that will be love at first sight, I’m hoping she feels the same to. She’s got on a pink crop top probably from ASOS and grey Zara trousers to match my grey pumas. I guess it’s a match made in heaven. Left me wondering if she’s heaven sent, if she can be the second match to light my flame. Body looking all sorts of flames and I just wanna touch.

Micheal kors bag so I know she’s into them designer things. I can tell she has style. Sun glowing on her face complimenting her beautiful smile, ngl I’ve been preeing her lips for a while. She’s Probably high maintenance, but she’s worth the effort I’ll put in to maintain her love and affection. She seems different. Waist cutie and snatched, shes absolute a snack, And I just want a taste. Hoping to get her number so we can stay up until late talking on the phone and FaceTime each other everyday. But still I sit there and stare memorised by her 32” straight hair, which I assume to be Peruvian. I don’t really know but I’m looking to risk it all. Plucking up the courage to go and talk to her, I’ll let you know how it goes…

To be continued

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