The Brown Skin Girl

The sun must have been going down when I caught her walking by me. Two little dance moves later now we’re in sync, in rhythm, on beat, it was magical. I can’t help but think she looks sensational. Especially when the sun caught her rich skin with a glow so different, she could take your breathe away. Literally in that moment it seemed like it was just me and her on the beach as if no one else mattered. Could she feel it too?

I honestly don’t know, she’s around 5”3 of Beauty with coco butter skin which left me astonished as to why someone so fine didn’t have a man standing right beside her. Maybe! Just maybe! I was meant to be the man standing right beside her. Providing her with the security that she needed.

With her I’m looking for a different type of intimacy. The let me run your bath and listen to your day type of intimacy. That knowing her schedule type of intimacy like I’m James st Patrick And shes Angela. Ghosting her i could never do but loving her I could fully do until the end of time. So I have Tupac in my ear whilst I’m thinking about her on this shop floor. Walking up and down to open this door yet still she won’t leave my mind.

The forbidden treasure that one has to dig acres just to access. I’m hoping she gives me access to the real her. I mean her mind, body and soul. It’s clear she’s articulate so maybe I’ll invite her to the family games night and we will shell it at articulate. And she will have my back in mafia too, just like she’s imitating Joelle, I mean her mind is similar. Which draws me closer to her now I can’t keep my hands off her.

You know she could be the peace to complete me as we bond over some Drake. She likes 5am in Toronto I like Paris Morton Music. Then she plays some summer walker, I play some Daniel Caesar because who would have thought I’d get her. This brown skin beauty, brown eyes with a black outer circle, hair in a frontal, lips so soft, big as well. I drown in amazement at the artistry in front of me. I know God took his time with her. So I have to appreciate her in every single way. I mean have you seen the way the sunlight catches her skin? My beautiful kokolate babes!


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