The Golden Beauty

Golden beauty and her waist looking cutie, I’m still stuck infatuated staring at her booty. Waiting for her to see the new me, so these dinner date dreams turn into after dinner kisses. Do you hear what I’m wishing? European sun catching you so well got me thinking to catch a flight to where you are. So I guess I’ll be catching flights and feelings, I hope you feel what I’m feeling even though I know it’s not true. But still the feeling of me wanting you and you not wanting me bugs me forever. I guess I have no clue on how to change things, so I sit and watch from afar as your bronze undertone catches my eye. You’ve got me thinking what primer do you use, all though your natural beauty is unmatched. And I just want to tell you this, place my Hand on your hips and give you the softest kiss. If only I could have one wish, I’d change your name from miss to Mrs with quick swiftness…

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