Pictures: Coming to An End

Expression, how does it really feel to finish

Candid expressions

You see time just flew by

Walking on campus, who would have thought

4 months,

4 weeks

4 days

4 hours

To just 4 minuets

It just takes a few moments to be a hero

Blood sweat and tears

Trying to catch the deadline

Thinking is it worth it

Like Dude what the fuck

This is all too much pain

No more crying

Rushing yes I’m out here

Did this all on a blur

Living the American dream

Soo what’s next

A job maybe?

Something more different than this stress

In a room full of people but still feel alone

Oh how time has past

From burning desires

To falling at the last hurdle

Yet who would have thought I would get past this?

Certainly some unanswered pain holding me back

I guess I’ll point a finger at it.


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