Pictures: The preparation

Caught in this illustrious moment

I don’t even think I want to leave

I’m addicted to this I can’t stop

This isn’t no ordinary bad habit

This is me expressing myself

The best I possibly can

Don’t hate me if my life’s too real

Sometimes I hope it’s not

Coz sometimes I hate my life

But what does that solve in this world full of pain

If we’ve been together for centuries

Why depart now

There’s a war going on

It’s just more evident than ever

Crying out for a prominent leader

Guess what!

That leader is you!

So whilst I’m stuck here making moves

What are you doing?

You in a state of illusion

The panther is real

Yet everyone’s a panther

Till it’s really time to become a panther

Wake up

We in Wakanda right now

There’s a war going on

Who’s side are you on…?


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