The Beauty of The Soft Carmel Skin

Lost my trail of thought

Stargazing At your beauty

Clear face and a gorgeous smile

Birds chirping

And it’s you I’m thinking about

Heart melting

You might just be the apple of my eye

Day dreaming of your touch

You see I’m trying to get passed your interior walls

And Get to you know better

Your ins and outs

Every minor detail

Like the time you finish work or

What you’re doing on Saturday

The ghost to your law enforcement story

Your drinking partner on St Patrick’s day

The teddy that you wanna cuddle

I want it all

Your warm embrace

Your sweet taste

I wanna see you open up

Queen of hearts and Queen of diamonds combined

First of your name and I’m looking to make the second

Mother of beauty

Mother of smiles

Mother of a love so deep

You deserve the world

Caramel skin oozing in smoothness

Dedicated to goals so ruthless

I’m in awe of your presence

Lost for words

You make me want to be a better person and a better me

Wondering if I’m worthy enough to engage

With you on a normal day

I want you in every single way imaginable

Soft passionate kisses

Oil based massages

Candle scent in the air

Rose petals on the bed

My lips touching yours

Our hands locking together

Erotic desires

True endeavours

Respecting your measures

I’m here for it all

The ups and downs

The fights and shouts

But the good times

And the memories too

Standing in your grace

Let me be your kings landing

A place you feel at ease and at home

A place of refuge and care

A place to call your own

Somebody to call your own

I’m ready to make that step

Ready to break that chain

And be released from the shackles that stand before me

And take my place rightfully by your side

A dozen roses won’t hurt my pride

As long as you smell em all

And when you curl up in a ball it’s me you call

Me you smile at when your friends say why you grinning at your phone

Me that’s your bestest friend and no else matters more

To be continued


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