Queen of Diamonds

A rare artefact, not easy to to find

Bliss like a diamond in the sky

With rockets out

She’s the queen of her own team

With a kiss that ignites a spark

She’s different

Queen of hearts she was

Now Queen of diamonds she’s ascended to another level you see Beauty with a touch of gold

Sun kissed

Henny drinking and you’re still the apple of my apple

So diamonds on your neck

You’re the queen to my life

Extra curricular so good

You’re the queen of sports

Pushed to the limited

Christmas in the morning we sexing

You’re happy

Over the moon

Stargazing at your Beauty

Lost for words

In your presence

In this island which I’m looking to acquire

Diamond in the dirt oh look I’ve just found

The soul food

It’s YOU!!

We lit talking drunk shit

Letting our minds go

Crazy temptations

Urges of endless passion

You make me reach my destination

Before my first thought

Despite all the extreme sports

It’s the basis of our friendship I hold dear to my life

Foundation so true

Like the highlight in the night

You’re the highlight of my life

Holding diamonds I guess the queen is always right

Open book with some closed thoughts

You definitely are special

With an innate sense of mind

Adulting worries

And still no stress shown on your face

Completely insane

I’m in awe

Standing in the presence of the Queen

Struggling I’m lost for words

No holding back

Taking it to another level

To be continued

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