License plate

One path

Two choices

Two scenarios

This ain’t how it’s supposed to go

I could have lost my life because of the melanin on my skin

I’m only hoping to win

But the same people trying to win

Are the same ones putting me down

One race

Yet we killing our own

All tears

Blood dripping

I don’t know what to do

White man walk pass

Blank expression

You don’t even move

Black man walk pass

All you do is screw

Same reaction back

Now your ready to kill

I’ve never been robbed by a white man

Let that sink in

Gun on the waist I could have lost my life

By the pigment of my skin

It’s fucking ridiculous

now I need a shrink

Black on black violence

We in a white mans world

It’s not even racism

It’s an observation

One night

One life

We just some cold guys

Trynna make a living

Broken down by the system

Yet we fuel the system

White men we dismiss them

Unless it’s big moves


Or armed robbery on a Kensington estate

Cant even pick up my date from her house

Coz it’s a 6 story estate

And the “niggas” on her block need food on their plate

Jugg and rob

Now you complaining

That the white man take your girls

It’s a cold night

And I’m just talking facts

Pulp fiction

Pope fiction

Either way

I walk I ain’t strapped

Phones tapped

You live a different life

Fucking hell don’t you see it now

Real friends but we fucking acting like wolves in this God forsaken city

Promise land it was meant to be

But we divided by the Red Sea

Cain down I don’t know what to do

But I know we all able

What happened to I eat you eat

Yet everyone’s hands are out

Till they full like pigs

And don’t wanna share

But it’s all cool coz we together screaming fuck the pigs

We all black men

Right ?

Something I think you don’t have to be bright in order to see it

The system designed to keep us at bay

Watch the throne

But never get close to it

Because unfortunately

We ain’t even got seats on these tables

Shoot me for the information I dropped

Coz it penetrates deeper than a double edge sword

We just lost in this galaxy

Amazed you know I always be

I need to change my scenery

This feeling I can’t let it be

The struggles

The gray weathers

Failed endeavours

We all in danger

See we killing our own

Game of thrones Lifestyle

you just pawns in a chest piece

I’d like me a breast piece

Cooked by an African queen

And have African kids

And not be dead on the streets

But still be earning my keep

Flocking with sheep

Plenty of sleep

I can dream right ?

Let me tell you a story before I leave

But just can you believe

Lucid in my rocket ship

Bugging now I got a trip

Thoughts lead click

Another black man dead

Failed to this society


Raise you hand if you believe ?



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