Pictures: My Diary

It’s 4:32

And This is my diary

Thoughts so unobtainable

My deepest regrets

Darkest nightmares


Analysing my life

The sit downs and get highs

My actions

My reactions

I was stuck in this trap

It’s just a cycle

Uni and endorphins they’re just rivals

Mixed together that’s potent

Oh I know

I wrote my name on some death notes

Now no more!

This is for me

I felt this pain

Words like bullets

Through and through

Boy they’ve done their rounds

Hard truth so profound

Blue lights

The highs and lows

And doing things properly

Library everyday

I know my God got me

I hear I will succeed

I write it so it’s conceived

Birth of some nations

In this up state of mind

Empire it’s all mine

3:19 the next day

Eyes all hazed

I ain’t shinning

I’m just stressing

Stuck here wondering what’s next

Pondering on some crazy things

You couldn’t even imagine

Big plans my gosh

You ain’t gonna see it coming

No more hazed days

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