Unleashing the beast

It hurts me

It’s a crazy life

Feeling this pain

No longer am I alone

I’m done with you

Standing in the fire of your warm embrace

Left your presence without a trace

I was laying there just like bait

Yet still you hold me

Yet still you love me

This spun me too

You came at the right time

Changed this

Now this feeling

I’m gone clear

Fade to black

Yet I still hear

I’m all here

Summer palpitations

The hearts afflictions

My addictions

This spun me too

K-pop visions

This is an extending mission

Clear with wisdom

Outlived this I’m not perfect

Still with kade

Is it worth it or not?

Mask on

Mask off

There’s no difference now

Still ascending to my throne

I wrote it

I know it

I live it

I’m real with this

It’s straight pictures

Popeyes with some smiles

4am and I’m drinking right

Articulate with the words

Discounts I ride that bird

In every sense of the word

Clueless we formed this unbreakable bond

Unobtainable pond

Impenetrable walls

Screams from the wells

I ain’t lying that’s all night

Crying all night

Depression still with me right

But just a dent and in ones life

Bounce back better

I’m done with that life

Might as well call this confessions

Or the fall of friendship

Dickensian in a sense

Duschamp in the impressionist era

Couldn’t see it more clearer

It’s YOU that makes these pictures

Previously said fake friends I hate them

Now it’s clear bristles wither away as the brush strokes

Be that as it may I still cling on to the thought Of a better life…

But not with you

For myself

I’m done with you

This spun me Too

Pardon me for my sins

If I die I’ll except the consequences

I’m just telling the truth


Coz I’m still a blessing

I can still send a message

No more living in that shadow


Who’s got me like Dina’s got Ryan

Like cleo to stony

Like stark to Tony

Like Tony to Clair

Sorry Tony to Blair

Unbreakable, I’ve seen it elsewhere

In the face of it

I hate this

All this for you

For what

For you to treat me like I’m someone new

Someone unheard of

Sorry only heard of by name

You look at me for what I really am

I guess I’ll look at you the same way

Tom x Snake Zord childish like

Tom x Me Issa gory night


That was was a double meaning line

Sniff and find it out


Nobody x Broken?

Lost in Translation?

Piniot Moscato?

Pink Grigio?

Do you see it now?

There’s a pattern

There is my life

There in one line

Here for One night

Monday 18th December 5:33am

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