Pictures: The humanity split

Whispers in the dark

There’s some laughter

Lying here clearly I’m not lurking

Could it be my heart is hurting

Painting silly little pictures instead of facing the reality in which I reside

I can’t keep bottling it up inside

So sufficient with them crimes

In and out no major crimes

This is like Baltimore

They’ll do you dirty

Waste your time

Get you crazy in the mind

Eat this shit it’s your time now

Tell me she’s worth my time?

So I sit here and just watch

Waiting analysing my time

Analog clock it’s just a digital kinda time

Completely changing my mind

Clouded judgment.

Patiently waiting

You see time waits for no man

Still in my nomad kinda ways

So I’m hyperbolic chilling

Stuck in the this chamber of secrets

I’ll relax I hope you see me

I know all you’ll do is judge me

But I’m ready

From here on out

I don’t care what you do

I don’t care what you say

You try living my life for a day and see if you can cope like I do

Still have hope like I do

Still have faith like I do

Watch me at the alter like I do

It’s not just you marrying it’s I two

I’m too nice of a person I’m like I do

Effected me in the worst way

Now I don’t

Love you is what I’m trying to say I don’t

Hate you is what you want me to say I don’t

Trust you is what you want me to say but I don’t

Play with you is what you want me to do but I don’t

Kiss me is what you wanna do but I don’t

Talk explicit to you is what you want but I don’t

Book hotels on end for you i hope you know I’m

Sitting here cracking the code I hope you don’t




I’ll be here if You blow

I’ll watch you even if you go

Building that boss empire watch who go?

Ohh crazy I meant watch one of my guys hugh go

Tattoo on his neck just like Julio

Boss orange on his shirt surely that’s Hugo

Dissect that sometimes you think

Hu goes

Hu knows

I mean hu hoes

Sorry hu nose

Sniffing I’m cold

Sorry I mean hu knows

It’s a power trip

I’m sorry hu Ghost

Suited and booted it’s just a lie though

Summers day we out in lido

Chilling with some white girls and one of them named Mandy

It’s an ascension kinda time and you know that we drinking brandy

Never trust a viper see that’s randy

With chitches we getting handy

Decipher the message actually

With pictures is says it perfectly

Scars deep Internally

Omar with a simba heart

Sky rocket falling apart

I guess I’m Stephan after all

Fangs locked in as if I was in a Gambian village waiting for the priest to serve some wine

Do your research there’s two types of history on that line



Sometimes we die on that line

Infiltrate enemy lines

You know we ain’t hiding this time

No remorse killings

That good guy you see is now gone

It’s the original now

Listening to lil Wayne

I’m a New Orleans kinda guy

You see The sky is the limit

Chilling I’m still with it

With her I ain’t got

It’s an apology

I hope you get it

Here’s what happens next….

⁃ Signed Stephan



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