New York Blues

Hurt searching through pain

I mean I’m sitting thinking will I ever love again

Crazy in a different city and I’m walking all alone

Looking for validation

Silly I know

Same cycle

It’s addiction I know

Yet still I go

Yet still I smoke

Yet still I’m sitting here and won’t let go

I’m feeling all this pain

I say that it’s okay

I say that I’m okay

But still I’m crying inside

Ranting in my head

Smoking to ease the stress

Stuck I don’t know what next


Two in a week

Two in a day

It’s not fair

My minds not clear

3 shots £80

I don’t care

I mean I do care

But it’s a library night and the education ain’t sinked in

Are we all LinkedIn

I felt this pain

I done this dirt

Oh it’s really my time

I claim it now

And I know my worth

If you’re asking for some help

Better help me too

If I say I got you then I know it’s true

But if you say you got me

And it’s my time why are things misconstrued

Why is it one way?

You chasing for some clout

How comes I can’t too?

I guess my presence is silent

Coz you can’t comprehend the struggle

You can’t comprehend this pain

So I’m snapping

I’ve snapped

Crossed this line and I don’t care right

Coz I do this by myself

And you don’t wanna help too

Seeking your own agenda

So why can’t I too

Asking for a retweet

Like my poems have been on pause

I felt this pain

Now I write this

You gone feel it too

Speaking this from the depths of my breath

Watch it just come true

Spazzing out in this dark hotel room

Couldn’t give a fuck too

Protecting feelings

Miss me with that

I couldn’t give a toss boo

Sitting in this Hell’s Kitchen I gotta cooks too

Watch out for my Last Night in New York

I got some letters too…

To be continued


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