Pictures: War on Words

War on Words

I arrived at her at her block with 7 minutes to spare, the impossible mission has begun. I must be a fool in your eyes but you see love yeah it’ll make you do some crazy things. Tokyo thoughts I’m about to make this love call. Get in get out that’s all we need, from there I don’t know what else, I haven’t thought that far. But I’ve got this far right? I pace through the front doors, risky I know catch the lift to the 4th floor. 59 I knock hoping she opens up. See her parents were quite old, not in tuned with this world and I’ll be damned if I let them take her away with them!

Her door opens, I say we’ve got to go! She says she don’t want to go, home is where her heart is and you’re where my heart is so let’s go!

Boom boom boom

The blocks across her house has just been blown up. Frantic she screams! Loud screeching in my ears. She looks back with tears, her worst fears coming true right before her eyes. A big decision to make, her parents or me at the age of 27 a difficult one to say!


Another strike, we could be next I yell, where’s do we go she explodes! With her Dark chocolate skin crushed with a frown, she breathes in and says let’s go, grab some shoes now if we go we can make it before the next one hits. Fire burining from the others side. Now we’re running down the stairs like never before! What have we done, abandoned our family for what? Why do we have to suffer this pain. There’s a bunker 10 minuted from here if we’re quick we can make it before it’s closed. She nods we pace, us and about a dozen others. This isn’t Bonnie and Clyde let’s not glorify this. This is just two lovers fighting for survival! Fighting to see a better day. When will the bombing stop! When I won’t have to see my best friends die or chose between my girlfriend and my family. You see since these bombings began, all our parents ever tell us is if this happens to us go and don’t think about us, we’re old we’ve lived life: but you are young and you’ve got your whole life ahead of you. Run, be safe and make sure you tell our tale, we will not die in vain.

So here I am fighting for the words to say, stuck with ptsd. Dreams turning in to nightmares, screams from the other side. Flames in my head from seeing these burning cities, always wondering what’s next? Questioning if I’m going to die next? Really really I’m soo stressed! went back to uni so this doesn’t help with my head. She’s coping; she screams from time to time. Caught her staring at a knife once, it scares me. Ain’t been intimate in 3 years she don’t want kids. She can’t bare to see her children die, I ask should me move but she looks with a black state. Where? How? Mind full of doubt heart empty, it’s been hard since, Well you know, we don’t know if we’ll see her parents ever again! Lost in translation, lost in a star of regret, lost and locked into the past. I don’t even know what to do next! We’re a wreck, I just want my revenge and maybe a little bit more. But can you blame me? Because out here WE’RE the good guys and YOU’RE the bad guys! So look at me when I say that you’ve ruined my life I mean it! Make the decisions you made out on us. Now we all hurting feeling numb in our hearts!

To be continued…


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