The Train journey 3

Why am I here?

What’s the purpose of today?

Who should I turn to?

Failed advances

I guess I’m not a killer

Paws sunk in

I’m back to the grind

Belly rumbling

Rizzler on my ear

Whilst I’m licking my lips

Delicious meal

So what’s the discourse?

Heart dipped in raw blood

It’s not enough

So I’m here again

Like its Groundhog Day

Train journeys

Unpleasant desires

Questioning why not this time

Communications cut

Just like that

Trail of thought lost looking at some trees

What do I really want?

Lit stroking thighs

Or like the guys in Keisha’s story

A block from where I felt some pain

Lit watching pleasures taking over

Expressions never fade

Rome wasn’t built in a day

So this was a stepping stone

Skin gone completely cold


Stuck in this bottomless pit

Begging to get out

Night crawler emotions

It feels all so real

Game set chill

Straw by straw

Piece by piece

It all flys away at one point

Oh I don’t feel soo good MR Stark

Who’s going to save me now?

I don’t regret

But I do stress

So what’s next?

Lit talking dreams hoping we both believe?

But I’m lit thinking how could this not be?

My love for you will never die in my ears

Is the ringing true?

Have i crossed that line and moved on to the next step?

Unanswered questions now answered

I have to accept it within myself

Standing walking I forgive myself

No more being beat up

No more getting caught up

Fresh out this bubble

Like this is post nut clarity and I knew this wasn’t meant to be

I’m reaching for the next step

I finally think it’s here

Lit talking I know I believe

Lit talking now I’m relieved

I’m bad for you

Yet I’m good for me

Maybe I finally know what to do

Maybe I don’t

Yet I’m lit wishing it was just you and me

Look what we’ve become

Two different souls

When did this separation happen?

Are we not the same no more

Drunk thinking why can’t I commit?

A part of me is gone

And I know it

I couldn’t stop it

You had to go

I know this now

Still I’m lit wishing you were about

I guess that part of me is with you

And the bad part of me is still in this world

Give me that Gilbert ring just so I can see you once more

Sit outside your front door and just adore

Admire your presence

Lit thinking about our plans for this world

Genuine smiles on our faces

I’m standing I can face this

Stronger living to see another day

So what’s next?


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