Lost Words

I’m just here on my own

Consequences meet reality

I was never bad to the bone

Use that line before

Yet my hearts still not okay

I have tell myself I’m a king everyday

To stop the pain that you deliver in every way

Near enough alone in this cold world

Ashad behind me

My family is MY whole world

Stuck in contempt

Stuck in two minds

We live two completely different lives

I’m walking away

You feeling my pain

But this is just for my benefit

Hoping I don’t go insane

Somehow I’M always to blame

For your wrong doings

For your misjudgement

For your lack of awareness

To the pain you continuously cause me

You’re always saying you support me

No not really you don’t know me

You just wanna put me in a box

Close control

My thoughts so Messy now

But I’m an outward thinker

Breaking records I should be Messi right?

Room so messy

I know You have all the words to say

Product of my environment

You should know

You’ve DEFINITELY Felt the same

Definitely seen the same

Yet I’m still to blame…

To be continued



    1. I’m glad you can relate to it, exactly that a standard set that we could never live up to because it’s not OUR standard. Especially for a creative I’ve found that people tend to put us in a box till we break it. That’s when they care about us more


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