Pictures: The Past, Present and Future

Head up

Keep going

You know what to do

Made it this far

No one stopping you

Words of affirmations

Keep repeating your mantra

I will win

I will be better

I am great

Look at me

What do you see?

A star?


A King?

Look again what do you see?

A failure?

A Joke?

Come on share it with me

Alone with my thoughts

It’s crazy you see

Stomaching soo much pain

I live it you see

Now I’m picking myself up

Humpty dumpty you see

Fixing the pieces


Don’t crush my soul

It started 6 years old

Watch the story unfold

From a boy to a King

Watch a Man touch the Throne

So I guard and watch this throne

Patient thoughts

We’ve waited

Now we lift off

Never underestimate the work you put in

As long as you love it from within

Then you’re always destined to win

This is a story of success

We’ve claimed

We’ve seen

We’ve believed

So let your mind roam free

Self confidence all free


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