The Count

Narcotics and babies

Do they ever mix

Living the dream

Yet you still high in disrespect

Yet we are still held heavy in disregard

Interlooped problems

Mixed with kaleidoscope dreams

It ain’t safe on these streets

We all rooks these people don’t like us

Poor representation


You either in then you out

Once again

Narcotics and babies don’t mix

Awkward conversations do exist

We got two choices

Right or wrong

What ever the skin colour

Still right or wrong

Fighting for this justice

Are we right or wrong?


Peak a boo baby

Crimson on your head

Yet I’m alive

And he’s dead

Yet I’m deprived

And he ain’t

It’s a shame I can’t claim my man

I see this picture in front of me

Messed up systems

Always wanna put us down


Tempted to do a madness

A father

A husband

But there’s two sides to the story

A mother

A wife

But there’s two sides to the story

Boozing up

This juxtaposition isn’t cool

White side

Black side

Couldn’t you tell

Piano keys missing

At least I could tell

Bad fathers

Good fathers

What colours the fence?

Who’s next to defend?

The same colour as the fence?

Look how far we’ve come now

Two differences

Promises aside

The game is the game

Wherever you reside

Completely covert

Watch your step

Watch your mind

Endless struggle

No more…


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