Open Tent

Fighting back the tears

Memories brought back from the years


Am I really real

Is this really real

Am I in a dream

I think I just want more whipped cream

Instead I’m here trying to recollect if my mind is right

If the time is right

If it’s my time to see the light

Pain from 20 years

Got me contemplating death

Is it my time

Have I got a lifeline

If the pills were on the table will I take it

Will I flush it down the toilet or will I flush it down my mouth

Maybe then I’ll be proud

Looking at the Ammo like should I blow myself to death

That will cause me less stress

I don’t know I can only guess

That my death will be quick and easy

Pesey Lemon squeezey

On my armpits to stop the smell

And stop them girls

Talking behind my back

I hope they don’t get hooked on crack

I’m just here with my bags packing

Trying to get away

Away from the pain

To a place where

I can be me

And be free

To do me

And be who I want to be

Do what I want to do

Move when I want to move

And love who I want to love

So sick I can’t cope

Out here losing hope

Never drop the soap

So I’ve been told more time I ain’t trying to get raped by no pope

So stressed let me take one toke

Damn thing made me chock

I liked it made me feel closer to death

Never have I felt precious

Trust me I’m not a Nigerian girl

Trust me I’m not an anime but I got a death note

Death wish

Dead b*tch

Silly witch

Sold dreams

Now stannis is dead

Maybe that would be me too

End all the times I was stressed out

Wishing I could blow my head out

Seen so many cold days

Me back to my old ways

Not going through any pathways

Those days contemplating suicide

Trust me you never knew that guy

So many people called him the dark night

They didn’t know he had so many dark nights

Thinking how should He do this

Can He really do this

And all he could think to himself

So much stress on his head

He might as well be dead

As the weeks go by

The more you never knew this guy

Smile in your face cry at Home

Because he was sad to the bone

You know he couldn’t even afford an ice cream cone

Outchea trying to get toned

Why if he wanted to chop of all his toes

You tell me what is this guy suppose to do when he don’t even have money to get new shoes

Or he’s little daughter some new boots

Or when she’s 16 some hoops

For her ears

Back to square one

Surrey square done


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