Pictures: Truffels

I’m here

And it’s amazing

Taste this

Nobody with you

Yet everyone around you

I feel it in my ears

I see it in the air

I live it

I breath it

Is this a bad trip or not?



I wanna try this

I’m tripping yo


And chasing

Skipping adjacent

Renaissance passion

Two lovers divided

But closure is all I’m seeing

Red light

Tempted might

I am the highest

Hoping I never come down

Ain’t reach overstimulated yet

But if my heart goes out right now

This goes out to you!

A picture of my last breathe

As I stare down the ink barrels of my last pen

Cocaine sniffing

Is this a bad Trip?

Am I dreaming


It’s just some dirty images

The screams

The laughs

The dramas

Truffels x Oblivion this isn’t the end

I wish I could go back

I know I can’t go back

I can never be nothing again

Greener grass

I’m skipping

I want ascension now

I’m dreaming

This music video can never end

I will be back again

Jr sing to me

I’m in disbelief

Shocked I don’t know what to do

Electric box

Am I stuck in a cage

Phoenix statements

I’m still blazing

This feels amazing

I’m in spaced and

The stars shine bright

Like disco lights

In this rocket ship

That you provide

Can’t believe it ended so soon

I’ll be back


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