Empty looking for love

Everywhere accept me

Living hoping everyone accepts me

Considerate of feelings

Till mine weren’t held in content

I’m to blame

But you’re to blame

I guess this really had to happen

All this late night trapping

I’m stuck without existence

Caught up in your silly mission

This hurts me more than you

Coz this is the second time

This came true

So we’re back at square one

Do I jump or not?

All these walls crumbling down

Do I pop these pills or not?

They say you get stronger over time

But I’m feeling too much pain

Stuck in a state of regret

I should have lied instead

Never been filled with soo much rage in my life

I tried to protect feelings

But they wanna see me cold

Heart so black

In this city full of gold

Infected with the blackest of dyes and I don’t get care

See I live this

I’m in control

A king that’s my birthright

Oh you will never know

London shows

Codene sipping

Now you see me

Now you don’t

You know I like to ghost

Revaluate my life

Make power moves

Stop these walls crumbling down

Focus my chi

And summon my ki

I’ll be out of here soon

So I guess I don’t need you to

Now you’ve failed me to

The pages turn again

Withers and hisses

Watch her fiery pisses…

To be continued


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