Pictures: Living the life

It’s the 4:00 Train

I can’t believe this is real

Plotting on this journey for the last 4 years

Sunglasses on

This is the express train

Segals the the final destination

I won’t die



It’s blackjack time

Pokemon talk

As we depart

Nerves kicking in

Like a child

Seeing Charazard raw

It’s childhood

Though a social construct

I’m stuck rooted in this child’s play

What will the clouds tell me next

Missed out once before

I’m hoping never again

Thinking of subconscious thoughts

Is it first class or not

Security searches or not?

Embarking were barking

I guess I can’t wait to be free

Contemplating another

But I know it’s a risky game

Still nothing to gain

Yet everything to lose

This is a sativa Trip

Maybe I’ll be tasting indica next

Who knows

You see I’m feeling really good

So I wonder what’s next


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