Pictures: Stepping up


I mean wonders lost

As I ponder my actions

On this Dickensian estate

With my mates

Up late

End to a stress filled day


The lot of us

It’s just a sick game

Yet we all play

In our own way

I can only tell you mine

Tragedies arise


It’s like we love it though

The blood


The tears

The pain

Coz we know

without the risk

There’s no rewards

Stacking and stressing

We know what’s best

So we back playing this game

Clouded journeys

Is this our murder to excellence

Abductive approach

For the phenomenon

I plan to be

So shoutouts to me

I’m all dressed up

This time I got somewhere to go

To awards shows

To collect my multiple awards

I write this

I said it

It happens

No stressing

I’m working on a blessing

You wait and see…


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