Sunglasses on

This is a different story to tell

41 train blues

No wait this is the 48 Train Ride

Untold truths

I’ve got nothing to hide

Two beautiful women in front of me

Ricky in my ear

Orange smell in the air

This is real poetry

Tinted screens

Big dreams

It’s all in her golden glow

Brunette hair

Perfectly shaped eyebrows

Have I captured the picture perfectly

Cause perfectly she makes the picture right?

Brown eyes I love it right

But Brown skins I hate it right

The story gets deeper

Don’t hate me

I don’t know if you will ever know

In her face I see this bold look

I doubt she’ll ever know

She thinks she’s clocked the code

Coke bottle figure

God bless this liver

Don’t pull this trigger

100 thoughts before I act

Is it a blessing or curse

Keven spacey the cards are in my hands

So I got her heart on the turn table

I’ve finished

I fully clothe her

Cross my path

Cut the cross

Do we get out alive?

⁃ signed christof


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