Love Interest – Edition 6

Someone I used to think of as Home

Raised up on a pedestal sat on the iron throne

Deep rooted feelings surround my heart right down to the bone

But how can someone you cherish so much make you feel so alone?

Forever had your back made sure your true nature was always shown

Taking in what you threw out accepting scraps that were thrown

A silent witness to how you did me wrong

The only way out is to withdraw and right my song

You’re my priority but I feel like you see me with exhausted feelings like it’s all just Long

So insecure I still think I’m punching above my weight

But those are the kind of feelings that leave you in a state

And if you think about it hard the way you are with me you don’t even see me as a mate

I honestly thought you were incredible I adored you I fully took the bate

Had a convo with you explaining how I hope one day it’s you I would never hate

And now Im scared I’m too late…

– Ashad SKB

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