Pictures: This is about me!

This Is not abut you I’m reliving the moment

Everyday it causes me torment

This is not about you

I’m reliving this pain

Say everything twice

I know why

Me and my conscience need to have a parley

Sorry Charlie

I’ll attend to Mary first

Still all the literals

You see I have trust issues

Maybe not drake kind

Maybe its josh kind

Maybe I’m too kind

This is not about you

It’s about me

I like multiple meanings

Coz they all about me

I walk I relive this pain

Ain’t felt this way since 011 days

This time was different

Was it lemon haze?

Definitely Brown skins but I hate that so

I remember walking down this road

With something sharp on my waist

This life is different

Last year was different

But it was the black bag that stuck out on my face

I just want my own wraith

But it wasn’t the waist movement that killed me

It was something much deeper

Much more painful

Healing waters need to overflow

Reverse psychology I use it for the better now

This is not about you this about reliving this pain

See what it done to me

The heartache



The never ending cross thoughts

I should have done

I would have done

I could have done

Well shoulda



Though luck mate

Stop moping around

Too much at one time I feel your pain

Locked up

Curtains closed

I’ve been there before

Yet this is about me and not what you can provide

I’m done with your words

So fake

I could tell over time

I’ll tale over time

Maybe I’ll heal overtime

Can’t even stomach overtime

My minds on overdrive

It’s like I’m in the belly of the beast

Dodging every chew

Coz those are the bad thoughts

Some wild thoughts

When the beast touches brown liquor

Subliminals back and I don’t even care any more

It’s the way you look



When this is all about me not you

Multiple mirrors

Shattered glass



Sleeping curse

Stuck in some burns

Yet this is about me and not you

So why does it hurt me more

When you’re meant to be the one comforting me

Now my heart closed

So I wrote License plate and a couple more

To express how I feel

Do you get it now

Revert back to old schools terms

Maybe I’ll start being overt with it now

I’m taking back my power

See I’m ascending to my throne

See this is real poetry

It’s about me not you

My little brother said I write better when I put my feelings in to this

So I’ve put my heart on this canvas

Standing back like I’m klaus

With a ripper type of mind

Stephen in thought

Damon in deed

My hearts in this man

What’s missing man?

Real poetry

This is about me not you

My close friend Temi said

and in conclusion although I stumbled a little, my dream of turning words into a visual picture came true and it touched me see even though we’ve grown apart the realist recognise real!

Temi you know I got you 👊🏿

I think I’m getting closer to rockstar stage

This is about me not you

So Jhene said you never called me

And I co signed that so hard

Coz I’ve felt some real pain


Bounced back

Yes these words are real

This abuse is real

Do you feel what I feel?

Oh what a shame I’ve been feeling this for 20+ years

I’m thinking this is the norm

So this crooked smiled happened

I don’t even know when it happened

Shattered confidence

See what you done!

It’s like you pharaoh

Let my dreams go

I’ll say it twice for my peace

Let my dreams go!

Do I even have to spell it

Coz Kanye said it

Used to be K and Fs brother

This is about me not you

So I’ll say what I want to say

I always do in my own time

Maybe I should be reckless enough to say it

Maybe you’ll respect me more

Maybe I’ll go gym and we go toe to toe will you see me now

Every day I say that i inspired me

But it was you who I was trying to be

But the pain and the hurt

See what you done to me

Got my heart on this canvas

I HOPE you can see

So I wrote GokuSalvatore

My way of saying I’m just like you

Yet I don’t wanna be like you

Yet in many senses I want to be just like you!

Maybe we need a parley

Could you even handle that

These words a real

This is real poetry…

Signed – French!


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