Pictures: Nobody x Broken

Pictures: Nobody, the mask behind the mirror

Thursday 14th September it must have been the worse feeling

I wish I was dreaming

But I ain’t

Down from the clouds

Oh yess I’m down from the clouds

So these tears literally fall down

All these walls coming down


I wish I could go back to no one

It’s a nobody kinda trip

The tides low

Don’t know if I can hold on

In a pit full of snakes

It’s my Ragnar kinda fate

There’s no living without bruising

Can’t you feel my pain

Soul in the pallet

Drowning in the base

Just a substitute for the screams

Yes I’m feeling low

This damn cycle is going in

I’m stuck in a state of regret

Trying my hardest

Held back by the renaissance of my bittersweet past

Consumed like son goku in that spirit bomb

Ultra instinct

If I was a god I wouldn’t have done it



Broken communities


Stuck in this constant state of misconstruing

I need to start saying things when I notice it

Don’t change me

Don’t get complacent


Nobody needs me

Stress filled day everybody needs me

Do you really need me or do you just know I’ll always be there

Vice vercer I’m stuck I can’t say the same

Open my mouth yet it’s all the same

Parred off like a South west whore

In a dark alley

Chocking it’s all the same

Stuck in your ways

Damn Right stuck In your mind

Thinking your righteous

It definitely ain’t over

We will meet again for sure

If you say that it’s over I won’t die…

you don’t have to say it

I’ve said it

I’ve done it

Wipe the tears off the table

I didn’t mean to

Yet it still happened

Now I depend on nothing or no one

So don’t take it personal

I’m just a kid aware that he’s tripping

Stuck in this pathetic system

Might just speak my mind on this matter

My minds blown

They don’t love you no more

This nobody trip is sickening

Physically sickening

Actually depressing

Mentally stressing

So I’m telling you these stories

And I’m painting all these pictures

You’re a real boy let’s not lie

I’ll figure out love

I just want to find out what real love is about

Chain of command

So I can’t have you there

So many blank expressions

I don’t know if I am really real

Guess my heart of steel

Cold living damn my hearts black

Back to back heartaches

Said you love me yet I know you don’t and it’s cool if you’re not the only one

Coz it only takes the one to change this

Stuck in the past you was the only one

Yet I was the lonely one

Two sides to the story

Things might just get gory

This colour is crimson red

So what’s about the happen next…?

24th October 8:05pm

Signed Salvatore

Pictures: Broken

Maze running

All alone

I hit this shattered glass

And yet I’m still starring at her ass

Better yet her lips

I just want a kiss

On the rooftop of a 12 story estate

Chatting words

Chirping birds

Cupid’s bow

Spraying in arrays

Like cleo

I hope it hits you

I can’t believe I miss you

Your not mine

So I don’t even know what set it off

Maybe it’s your smile looking like vivica A Fox’s

Or maybe I should blame it on the alcohol

Broken all I feel is this tremendous pain

Teddy pinned her ass on the bed I hope that’s not true

Just some crazy thoughts

This game turned me mental

I don’t even know whose for me

Depression got me stressing

Yes I’m tripping

All alone

Nobody’s here for me

Blinds shut

Novacane thoughts

Nobody’s here for me


Thoughts in pieces

It’s shameless

In tatters

French tata’s

Lauryn vibes

It’s killing me softly


Pulling and endless trigger

Mental health draining

The deception to real

Real tears

It doesn’t phase me

I guessed I just played me


Signed French

Thursday 26th September 12:20am



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