Pictures: Moe’s World

Money of everything

Overt with your words

Explicit things we’ve seen

And I ain’t talking about her curves

Soo many “Friends” you don’t deserve

They just distract you from your worth

Gold highlighter still you pipe her SEE

Mind over everything

Overreacting wedding rings

Especially when the fire rings


Lean drinking

Brown skin oh I hate it right

I’m painting you this picture

See you’ve seen me on my journeys

Yes you’re worth it

You deserve it

One day we’ll definitely tour the world


Buenos Aires

Maybe some Amsterdam chilling

Sativa in my mind

Still get that call you know we grind

You called me French

It stuck with time

It’s your birthday let’s get some wine

Jack Daniels


Maybe some more henny this time

Openly i say this your family now

Eradicate your friendship title

I’m here for you bro

So I’m painting you this picture

Just know that we’re Fucking gang

Cold nights in this Leicester City

I know that you were really with me

Balling in these car parks

Alarms set of that’s are past

We lived it

We live this

Fuckries that’s all damn night

So this painting is like 016 renaissance

Mixed with 07 Amy

Shrooms we like that Rollo life

You’re savage just like ivar right

So we walking on this Viking night

Blackjack yeah we side by side

It’s House of cards

I’m Frank and it’s dangerous right

But for you’re birthday we going all out

Can you see this bro


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