Pictures: The Family Party Part 1

It’s festive so I thought I would do something new

I’m happy I’m home

No longer alone

Long dinning room table

Trays of food

Ohh the hearts joys

Or should I say the bellys pleasures

We’re all meat stealers

Of course we’re looking for the treasures

I mean the sweet aromas

Interrupted by the doorbell ringing

Happiness singing

It’s your favourite cousin

Your dads brother

Your mums cousins

Your nieces


Woahhhh mind your leg on that action man toy

Squeeze past the push chair

Give the baby her teddy bear

Who’s a cute baby

Yes I made a baby noise

It’s for the culture

Don’t get mad at me

But I bought some wine too

It’s just happiness all round

I guess the baggage was left at the door

Grandma on the left showing you how to shake your Tatas

Whilst granddad is schooling all the children at dominoes

You stop and laugh

Let me take a picture for the moment

Inserts mental picture here

The smiles all round

Till the baby cries

And it’s all manic

Now she’s in your hands you can’t even panic

But eyy it’s Christmas

‘Tis’ the season to be jolly

Yet I’m racking my brain for the words to say

It doesn’t hurt to say

But she makes me nervous you see

I’m just wishing she was here

Influx of emotions

Hope my wcw knows this

She just posted something different to the norm

Nevertheless still merry Christmas

And all I want to do is reply merry Christmas

As the mistletoe lingers over our head

And I administer a kiss on her check

I want more

But I don’t think she does

And it’s Christmas I can’t ruin that

Sorry I’m 5 cups in you caught me in a day dream

Shhh don’t tell dad!

He thinks I’ll end up like Uncle Garry if I continue

To me Uncle Garry is the life of the party

Then again I like to drink too

Ooo my shows about to start


To be continued

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