Moyo’s Masterpiece

Moyo’s Masterpiece

Mrs beautiful you’re on my canvas again

Operation make you smile, I can’t help it

Your smile luminates the whole room

Or should I say brightens up my heart

I’m sitting at the crossroads of life yet the Sight of your golden glow

Brings joy to my mind

Even peace to my heart

Affection or not it’s still your special day

Ultimate turn up see I’m watching the fun

Tender loving care is all you’ve shown me

In my times of need and despair

First date Middleton grill we’re just foodies

Um Mrs first class I’m grinning like a clown

Lost in your eyes

But listen I know I messed up not getting you the Jhené tickets

See knowing you is like a trip

You inspire me to do better

And to be better

So I paint this picture for you on your birthday

As a digital present

To show you my appreciation

For believing in me

Even when I don’t

Helping me when I won’t

Soo mrs beautiful

With the pretty smile

Superlative dress sense

You are a Queen in your own right

I hope you don’t forget that

P.S you need to hurry up and get married

I’m trying to shake my leg abi

And throw some dollars on your head to

Happy birthday 🎊🎉❤️😘😍


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